For all installers who are wondering what are the applications in which to use a BIGBAT lead-acid battery, we confirm that this is the right article for you.

After a few articles on CPR certified cables, PVC and LSZH alarm cables and coaxial cables, let’s go back to talking about rechargeable lead-acid batteries. And let’s go back to doing it by making a technical introduction on their general characteristics.

The Standard and Long Life models of the BIGBAT batteries are long-lasting battery models, with low self-discharge and that do not require specific maintenance. These lead-acid batteries are built, in fact, with an absorbent glass fiber cloth (AGM) for the efficient recombination of gas up to 99% and without electrolyte maintenance or addition of water.

They can be mounted in any position and there is no restriction for their air transport according to the IATA / ICAO Special Provision A67.

But let’s get to the gist of our speech. What are the main applications of BIGBAT lead-acid batteries and where can they be installed? In addition to traditional alarm and security systems, these batteries can be used in:

– UPS (uninterruptible power supplies)

– Emergency lights

– Back up generators for telecommunication systems

– Gardening tools

– Starter motors

– Energy storage

Are you an installer and are you wondering if BIGBAT batteries can be used in your specific project? Contact us directly! Our technical department will be able to remove any doubts and provide you with all the necessary information.