Are you an installer or a designer and do you have perimeter anti-theft systems in the pipeline? Our PVC alarm cables and ELAN LSZH alarm cables, in fact, are 100% Italian cables, and fully compliant with current national and European regulations.

The most used material for the production of safety cables is PVC. ELAN produces this type of cables, however, also in LSZH, composed of thermoplastic or thermosetting polymers.

While the first type of alarm cables are free of additives containing heavy metals (and therefore compliant with CEI 36762), the LSZH alarm cables are halogen-free and have low smoke emissions. In addition, it should be remembered that both types are flame retardant.

In this regard, LSZH shielded cables are CPR compliant and are classified in Class Cca – s1a, d0, a1.

If you don’t know, the KNX cable and ELAN fire resistant Elanfire cables are certified in class Cca.

cavi allarme

The high performance of the ELAN alarm cable has been recognized for years by both the Italian and European markets. Our company guarantees both on the materials used for construction and on the entire production cycle of the cable.

Research and development, modern technologies and a meticulous testing phase guarantee above-average performance levels for both PVC alarm cables and LSZH alarm cables.

The ELAN cables catalog, freely downloadable on the site, allows each installer to choose from more than 60 alarm cables divided into: shielded alarm cables, unshielded alarm cables, twisted bus cables (RS485), double sheathed twisted cables, double sheathed cables shielded and cables for double sheath barriers.

Do you have a particular request or do you need to know prices and discounts for alarm cables? Our Sales department is always ready to support you in all your requests. Contact us.