Who we are

ELAN Company is leading manufacturer for over 30 years of alarm cables, fire resistant cables, CCTV cables and network cables. ELAN is distributing also VRLAsealed acid lead batteries under the brand BIGBAT.

Founded by Mr. Adrio Andreoni, the company stands on the domestic and international markets for its high quality products availability and excellent customer service. The technical knowledge, professionalism of the staff, combined with continuous trainings, make ELAN a dynamic and innovative company.

The company also produces customized cables on request, out of the consistent availability in stock of standard cables. The wide range of cables and batteries is produced following high technological standards and a strict quality control, always complying with Italian and international regulations.


Adrio Andreoni

Patrizia Stronati

Marica Raggetta
Accounting Manager


In order to satisfy an always more demanding market in terms of quality and technological products, ELAN has a very flexible manufacturing facility able to produce high tech products satisfying a wide range of applications.

The workshop features modern equipment able to deliver the most accurate mechanical, electrical and fire resistance tests, allowing ELAN to respect with consistency the declared performances and the regulations in force.