ELAN joins CEI Associate companies

This year, ELAN has taken a significant step by becoming a member company of the Italian Electrotechnical Committee (CEI). This decision reflects our ongoing commitment to promoting the use of the 'rule of art' in the electrical sector, a principle we have always fervently upheld and which is now recognised and enhanced by the [...]

21 March, 2024|News & Events|

S News. ELAN: Experience and Innovation

The 73rd issue of S News is dedicated to ELAN with an interview with our CEO Cristina Andreoni. It was a pleasure to speak and discuss with such an important publication in the field of security about experience, innovation, objectives and future initiatives that will characterize ELAN in the coming period. Below are all the [...]

18 March, 2024|News & Events|

Construction and technical characteristics of the BIGBAT lead-acid rechargeable batteries

In addition to being specialized in the production of low voltage cables, ELAN has been the market leader for many years with its batteries for the safety sector. In addition to the various twisted shielded PVC alarm cables, fire-resistant cables, data cables and coaxial cables, the company markets rechargeable lead-acid batteries and high-quality lithium [...]

The most suitable alarm cables for perimeter security systems

Are you an installer or a designer and do you have perimeter anti-theft systems in the pipeline? Our PVC alarm cables and ELAN LSZH alarm cables, in fact, are 100% Italian cables, and fully compliant with current national and European regulations. The most used material for the production of safety cables is PVC. ELAN [...]

Where are BIGBAT (VRLA) rechargeable lead batteries used?

For all installers who are wondering what are the applications in which to use a BIGBAT lead-acid battery, we confirm that this is the right article for you. After a few articles on CPR certified cables, PVC and LSZH alarm cables and coaxial cables, let's go back to talking about rechargeable lead-acid batteries. And [...]

Covid-19, alarm cables and 2021 trade fair events: the point of the situation.

2020 was the year in which the Covid-19 pandemic brought not only the health system to its knees but also the entire national economic system. For months, the manufacturing sector, the Security sector, and specifically that of the production of alarm cables, have remained at a standstill. ELAN has always remained operational. The production [...]

Let’s have a focus on HD coaxial cables and distances (Micro, Mini and RG6)

Over the last few years, safety alarm cables and fire cables have been the most sold products by ELAN of Camerano. We have often talked about the electrical and construction characteristics of these cables and what are the main Italian and European standards to which they must comply. We have often talked about how [...]


The CPR regulation has been a topic of discussion for both installers and security designers for some time. Today we try to clarify, once and for all, the most critical and debated aspects of this rule. In particular we will focus on UE 305/2011 and subsequently on CEI 20-105 v2, dedicated to fire resistant [...]

FOCUS: How do the documentation of an alarm system.

Each installation of an alarm system requires the preparation of documentation that describes its characteristics in its entirety and certifies its actual compliance. This documentation must be precise, complete and unambiguous, it must also minimize the possibility of making the end user fall into error in carrying out his operations. The document must be [...]


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