The CPR regulation has been a topic of discussion for both installers and security designers for some time. Today we try to clarify, once and for all, the most critical and debated aspects of this rule. In particular we will focus on UE 305/2011 and subsequently on CEI 20-105 v2, dedicated to fire resistant [...]

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FOCUS: How do the documentation of an alarm system.

Each installation of an alarm system requires the preparation of documentation that describes its characteristics in its entirety and certifies its actual compliance. This documentation must be precise, complete and unambiguous, it must also minimize the possibility of making the end user fall into error in carrying out his operations. The document must be [...]

UNI 9795: the cables in the fire detection systems

The UNI 9795: 2013 standard is one of the few standards not published by the CEI (Italian Electrotechnical Committee) but by the Italian national unification body (UNI), which should carry out regulatory activities in all industrial, commercial and tertiary sectors. This standard focuses on the use of three distinct types of cables depending on [...]

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UNI 11224/2019 – Maintaining Fire-fighting systems and replacing batteries

La norma descrive le procedure per il controllo iniziale, la sorveglianza e il controllo periodico, la manutenzione e la verifica dei sistemi di rivelazione automatica di incendio. La Norma UNI 11224, pubblicata a settembre 2019, ha un’applicazione retroattiva sulle modalità di esecuzione dei controlli di manutenzione degli impianti antincendio. La revisione della norma UNI [...]

Violation of privacy: when video surveillance does not do its job

Nowadays privacy violation is one of the most discussed issues when you talk about video surveillance systems. The debates and discussions regarding the presence and control of numerous cameras, now present in every public place, are on the agenda. The theme, however, becomes even warmer if we ourselves decide to install cameras in our [...]

The different types of telecommunications cables

Paired cables, coaxial cables and optical fiber Normal telecommunications cables are used to transmit information as data (words, numbers, patterns, drawings, ...), images and sounds that travel in the form of a signal. In order for the information to be transmitted, these must be transformed into tracks capable of traveling along a copper cable or [...]

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What about KNX standard

KNX is the open worldwide standard, compliant with European and International legislation, which allows the automated and decentralized management of technological systems. This standard refers to the most advanced building in according to the principles of sustainable development, based on the comfort and energy saving as an added value of modern building. The KNX [...]

ELAN showing at the INTERSEC fair in Dubai

As every year, also in 2019, ELAN will be in the list of exhibitors of INTERSEC Dubai Exhibition to be held the next 20 - 21 - 22 January. Our alarm cables, fire-resistant cables, network cables, coaxial cables and our lead batteries will be showed at our stand of 15sqm (3-G22) during the event. The [...]

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New ISO 9001: 2015 Certification achieved by ELAN

ELAN informs customers, suppliers and interested third parties that they have obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 Certification for the "design, production, sale and distribution of alarm cables, fire-resistant cables, CCTV cables and network cables, and the sale and distribution of lead and lithium batteries ". This certification follows and updates the old ISO 9001: [...]

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ELAN twisted KNX/EIB cable

The KNX/EIB cable is a European installation fieldbus BUS cable suitable for use in KNX systems, formerly known as EIB, by KONNEX™. It forms part of 'green' building control systems and intelligent building technology, improving comfort levels whilst reducing carbon footprint and running costs. The applications include the operation and control of heating, lighting [...]