Summer in motorhome: how to travel with batteries always charged

Every year millions of campers set off and it is important to have the camper equipped with everything you need, well-functioning and especially with the batteries charged.

Estate in camper

Yes, because the batteries are critical to the operation of the engine and services such as light fixtures, heating vents or water pump. Therefore it’s necessary to ensure that the batteries are in good condition and especially charged.

3 Things to Know About motorhome batteries

What is important to remember is:

  1. Never leave discharged batteries for an extended period beyond seven days. The risk of leaving empty batteries is to having to throw away.
  2. Always check the batteries while they are in office. It can happen that, in the event of defective batteries, these are not automatically come off once fillers and continue charging until cause a bulge with possible exit of flammable acids. Always in the case in which the battery is defective, it can happen that the same can be recharged at a higher voltage, thus causing it to break. One solution can be to put a timer to the electric plug.
  3. In the case of short trips always check the battery condition that can easily be discharged in the presence of a refrigerator, air conditioning and radio operating.
  4. Always have a charged spare battery in case there are problems with the battery during travel.

Types of camper batteries

In reference to the above described problems, it is important to choose the most suitable battery for your needs and the type of camper. There are in fact several batteries. The first difference is between:

  • Starter batteries for motor homes
  • The camper service batteries

The starter batteries for motor homes are characterized by the presence of thinner plates and many are able to deliver a large amount of energy in a short enough period of time at start of the camper. Conversely, they download more easily by offering poor little long-lasting performance.

The camper service batteries instead are characterized by the charge and discharge cycles lasting over time and require constant amperage for longer times. In this way, the batteries with slow discharge are the most used.

In this regard, the lead-acid batteries for motor homes Long Life of BIG BAT (Elan) have been studied for their long life, for cyclic use and for their resistance to vibrations.

Elan is available to provide more details on the features and on the best use.

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