Coaxial cables: technical focus on RG6 HD, HD mini coaxial and micro coaxial HD

The coaxial cables are transmission means of information signals and are normally recognized by the RG prefix (Radio Guide) followed by a number. Coaxial cables are used for a diverse range of applications, from alarm systems and video surveillance to the audio and video systems. These cables, together with the most common network cables, are in fact indispensable for the daily work of installers.


Signal degradation is one of the most important aspects to consider the choosing of right coaxial cable. The signal loss, in fact, may depend on the section of the conductor, from the same material or from the dielectric material.

As already mentioned on other occasions, the RG59 coaxial cable is mainly chosen in systems with satellite receivers or digital audio applications for HDTV and DTV. This cable is also suitable for applications with video signals, despite of long distances wich experience serious losses.

For long distances, in fact, RG11 and RG6 are the most favorite coaxial cables.