After several months of work we can reveal. Our donation of lead-acid batteries in favor of the Youth Missionary Service has been successful. The Elan is proud to announce its participation in the project “Aladdin’s Lamp”, to help the most disadvantaged populations. Batteries bigbat 12V lead 2Ah are, in fact, become part of this valuable project.

What is Youth Missionary Service and what does it do ?

The Youth Missionary service is a foundation created in 1964. It pursues “the aim to eradicate hunger in the world with works of justice and social development, live in solidarity towards the poor and give attention to young looking with them the ways of peace “.

SERMIG supports volunteer work and solidarity in more than 88 countries around the world thanks to its team of volunteers. A promoter of dialogue and encounter between cultures and religions different search, the SERMIG is today a symbol of peace and hope.


What is Aladdin’s lamp and what are the aims of the project?

Among the many projects fielded by SERMIG you can find Aladdin’s lamp. This portable and powered lamp with photovoltaic energy, allows the lighting in remote locations and emergency situations, with energy accumulated during the hours of the day. The advantages of this lamp are:

  • Great mix of quality, performance, durability and costs;
  • The possibility of being built directly in the countries of the Third World;
  • supply of energy for different functions.


Le lampade sono robuste ed affidabili e non svolgono semplicemente la funzione di lampada o generatore di tensione per ventole e piccoli utilizzatori. Vengono infatti utilizzate per una ben più duratura funzione. I volontari, infatti, insegnano a montarle, smontarle e ripararle al fine di permettere a persone in qualche modo svantaggiate di acquisire una cultura e una professionalità che in molte realtà costituisce la differenza tra vita dignitosa e degrado assoluto.

In poche parole la Lampada di Aladino non illumina solo sul presente ma illumina anche il futuro.

Elan contribution and bigbat batteries

Elan has decided to actively participate in this project by donating a significant amount of lead batteries 12V 2Ah, which will be mounted on Aladdin’s lamps. Lead acid batteries of bigbat brand, in fact, guarantee the energy to the photovoltaic panel 5W lamp. A simple spottino to the LED from a durable light up to 8 hours.

Lead-acid batteries 12-v_2_0-ah

The opportunity to participate in this project has made us very proud. We are even more convinced that our lead-acid batteries can take part in projects of this type in the future.