The technology of lead-acid batteries for photovoltaic systems

The best known use of batteries VRLA lead is as already stated several times that related to the security sector. Alarm systems, video surveillance systems and fire systems are in effect the main destinations of use.

It should not be forgotten, however, another important application of lead-acid batteries: photovoltaic systems. This type of batteries are in fact utilizzatissime when it has to do with a photovoltaic system “off grid”. It is a system disconnected from public networks in which they do not enter any kilowatts. The photovoltaic system off grid, in fact, only provides electricity for utilities in which it is connected.


The battery in these cases has the function of energy storage produced by photovoltaic panels, to make then available in the various moments of the day. E ‘in this way that maximizes the system without any connection to the public network.

There are different types of batteries can be used for photovoltaic systems, on all lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion battery.

Lead-acid batteries for photovoltaic systems

The models of lead batteries most commonly used for photovoltaic plants are 100, 160, and 250Ah. These batteries are characterized by several advantages over lithium batteries. Faced with a shorter duration, these batteries are more stable and reliable, have a price and a more convenient depreciation, and low self-discharge.

BIGBAT Lead Batteries Long Life

Their management and maintenance is also much less complex than the lithium batteries. The latter in fact, in addition to the risk of fire due to malfunction, for safety reasons, require dedicated rooms in which they must be stored. The high cost also does not allow us to even consider them the ideal type of technology for this application.

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