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EVAC cable in sound evacuation systems

In the vast sphere of Security and fire prevention within the design and implementation of sound evacuation systems. This type of technology offers multiple communication possibilities that can provide relevant information in the event of an emergency.

The sound quality of a speaker’s loudspeaker can be decisive in ensuring a good level of intelligibility. Nowadays, the construction of more modern buildings can conceal pitfalls and problems at the disadvantage of the clarity of the audio signal.

The sound evacuation system is powered by two different power supplies, one of the mains and one of the lead-acid batteries (to be dimensioned according to the system’s consumption). Rechargeable lead-acid batteries BIGBAT must power the plant for a minimum of 24H in standby mode and at least half an hour in case of emergency.

Cabling systems, terminals and junctions must withstand fire for at least thirty minutes, in line with IEC 60331-23. The EVAC fire cable, most widely used, must, however, respond to EN 50200 and be purple (UNI9795).

If required by the evacuation procedure, the system shall be provided with emergency zone zones. To ensure that the failure of a single loudspeaker does not compromise the operation of the entire area served, the system must then be made with a double cable network.

ELAN can provide you with the right assistance on the fire extinguisher cable or the rechargeable lead battery model that best suits your evacuation system. We remind you that ELAN and BIGBAT catalogs are downloadable and available to everyone in the “Catalogs and Regulations” section of the company website.


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