The UNI 9795: 2013 standard is one of the few standards not published by the CEI (Italian Electrotechnical Committee) but by the Italian national unification body (UNI), which should carry out regulatory activities in all industrial, commercial and tertiary sectors.

This standard focuses on the use of three distinct types of cables depending on the field of application:

– Loop Detection: fire resistant cables for fixed automatic detection and fire alarm signaling systems.

– Audio Lines: fire resistant cables for emergency voice evacuation systems.

– Energy – Emergency circuit power supply: fire resistant cables for emergency circuits.

The connections of the fire detection system must be designed and made with fire resistant cables suitable for the field of application and the required operating voltage or in any case protected for the period indicated.

From the extract of the standard it is clear that the low smoke and zero halogen (LSOH) and non-propagating cables must ensure the operation of the circuit in fire conditions.

For the connection of equipment with operating voltages equal to 0 lower than 100 V a.c. (for example sensors, manual buttons, interfaces, voice evacuation systems, optical-acoustic alarms, smoke-heat evacuation systems, etc.) the use of fire resistant cables tested in compliance with CEI EN 50200 with voltage is required nominal of 100 V (Uo / U = 100 / 100V).

The cables must have flexible conductors (rigid conductors are not allowed), with a minimum section of 0.5 mm “and built according to CEI20-105. The cables conforming to CEI 20-105 are suitable for laying in coexistence with power cables used for systems with rated voltage to earth up to 400V.

From 1st June, CEI 20-105 V2 introduced the reaction to fire principle as per CPR and all cables conforming to CEI-105 must pass the EN50399 test and be classified Cca s1b – d1 – a1.

Elanfire fire resistant cables, flagship products of the Marche-based company, have obtained the classification in class C and comply with the CPR regulations currently in force.

On the ELAN website it is possible to freely download technical data sheets, compliance and D.O.P. of each fire cable in the catalog. For commercial information or technical clarifications, ELAN staff is at your disposal from Monday to Friday, from 08.00 to 18.00