Over the last few years, safety alarm cables and fire cables have been the most sold products by ELAN of Camerano. We have often talked about the electrical and construction characteristics of these cables and what are the main Italian and European standards to which they must comply. We have often talked about how PVC alarm cables, LSZH alarm cables and fire cables must comply with the CPR regulations and their respective classes.

Today we focus on less known but no less performing ELAN cables. Specifically, we will look closely at three HD coaxial cables: the micro coaxial HD, the mini HD and the RG6 HD.

As we know, the uses of coaxial cables are many, from alarm and video surveillance systems to audio and video systems. Coaxial cables together with network cables are in fact essential for the daily work of a security installer.

Unlike fire and alarm cables, one of the main problems with these cables is signal loss. When choosing the right coaxial cable, it is important to consider the conductor material, its section and the dielectric material.

Usually the MCX HD cable (code ELAN 081491) and the MINI HD cable (code ELAN 083591) are used in particularly spaces. Their diameter is between 3 and 5 mm, which means that the length within which these cables are fully efficient is, of course, less than that of a 6/7 mm cable. The performances of these ELAN cables are however very high. The distances that these cables can reach, according to the different types of application, are shown below.

The RG6 HD coaxial cable, on the other hand, is considered the normal evolution of an RG59 or an RG11. Unlike the micro and mini, the RG6, thanks to its construction characteristics, does not suffer signal loss over long distances and at high frequencies. In fact, below, we can see how the distances for the different types of application are much higher.

The graphs just examined are certainly useful for understanding the distances reached by the most common HD coaxial cables. However, ELAN guarantees specialized technical support on all types of cables in the catalog. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us for both technical and commercial support.