Each installation of an alarm system requires the preparation of documentation that describes its characteristics in its entirety and certifies its actual compliance.

This documentation must be precise, complete and unambiguous, it must also minimize the possibility of making the end user fall into error in carrying out his operations.

The document must be a well-defined “snapshot” of the anti-intrusion system built. This must include documentation of all installed equipment and technologies and their location. If particularly complex, the type of alarm cables used and their route must also be included.

This prospectus must always be available for the maintenance personnel (ordinary and extraordinary). In addition, the professional installer must always provide a declaration of conformity certifying the compliance between the alarm system and documentation. We also remind you that this particular type of systems are regulated by the D.M. 37/08.

The following must also be attached to the basic documents:

– the instructions for the use of the alarm system, with details of all the operations required for its activation, operation and disconnection;

– the references: of the company that built the system, of the company in charge of maintenance, of the component assistance center and of the monitoring center in the event of an alarm being received;

– documentation of all the components making up the system: we take as an example the alarm cables, for each type, the manufacturer’s name, description of the cable, standards with respect to which the cable is declared compliant, name and trademark of any certifier must be reported , data sheet, date of construction or batch or serial number.

ELAN as a manufacturer of cables and batteries is able to provide the installer with all the material and documentation necessary for the preparation of the right documentation for an alarm system. Data sheets, conformity and DOP are in fact freely accessible and downloadable for each type of safety cable.