What about KNX standard

KNX is the open worldwide standard, compliant with European and International legislation, which allows the automated and decentralized management of technological systems. This standard refers to the most advanced building in according to the principles of sustainable development, based on the comfort and energy saving as an added value of modern building.

The KNX Italia Association is the reference point for manufacturers, system integrators, university centers and research centers that have chosen, like ELAN, KNX technology as the standard for the creation of home automation systems and intelligent building automation.

KNX Italia is the national expression of KNX Association, created twenty years ago by the then main European consortia, EIBA, BCI and EHSA. These consortia made it possible the definition of the unique KNX protocol, which today has about 250 members in 29 countries.

Elan and KNX cable

Since 2018, ELAN has officially entered the Association thanks to the KNX / EIB cable. This cable is used with the standard OSI, EHS, BATIBUS and EIB network communication protocols. Its main feature is the high electrical performance and screen transmission. Thanks to them, KNX EIB cables can be used for data transmission and to connect the technological systems of buildings, allowing the operation, the lighting  and climate control.

Their most widespread use is made both in private buildings and in public places, where a flame-retardant, non-corrosive and low-emission flame-free sheath (FRNC-LSZH) is normally recommended. The KNX / EIB protocol, therefore, works perfectly with twisted ELAN cables thanks to their incredible low capacity.

The company remains available to clarify further doubts on the KNX standard and on all the solutions that ELAN provides for installers and distributors.