The relationship between designer, installer and Elan’s role

In the development of an alarm or video surveillance system, two key figures have the task to complete the work: designer and installer. Between these two actors, it is necessary to establish a relationship of trust and mutual cooperation. Although there are, as natural, different approaches to work (on the one hand, a more ingenious mentality, on the other hand more practical). The optimal result must be a synthesis of the two visions.

The role of the designer

The figure of the designer, recognized at a law level, plays a key role in the realization of a plant. He has the task of analyzing the initial project, studying the issues, understanding the needs of the customer and looking for the best solutions. The designer therefore has the task of transforming the project and the initial idea into dimensioning, calculating and operating decisions on the different technologies and materials to be used. He will produce the documents for the client, who will commission the work in order to achieve the desired result.

The role of the installer

The installer is the one who has to put into practice what has been formulated previously by the designer. He, however, must not and can not simply implement what was thought in the studio. In fact, he has his own professional experience that allows him to adapt and / or make the designer’s choices as operative and practical.

The role of ELAN

ELAN, leader in the production of cables for alarm systems, CCTV and data network and the sale of lead-acid rechargeable batteries, takes on the market a “facilitator” role between the two above mentioned figures. In fact, Elan has a large network of installers around the world with whom it has established a professional relationship of trust over the years. With the many years of accumulated experience, ELAN is able to assist both the installer and the designer. The help provided may be from technical support on cables and batteries sold, clarifications on applicable laws and regulations. All the material on the site (technical data sheets, certificate of conformity, fluke test, reference standards and more) is also freely downloadable for all those who need it.

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