Quality video broadcasting: how cables and distances start to play (HD SDI / TVI / CVI)

How many times have you encountered signal transmission problems in the installation of a video system? The blame is always in cameras or DVR? Not always. Today we analyze with you the possible causes and possible solutions of a very common problem which installers often encounter .


Cavi video Elan

In particular, we talk about electromagnetic interference, different cables and their distance between the camera and the DVR / monitor as key elements for proper quality of video transmission.

Among the main causes of the failure there are undoubtedly aspects related to the length and diameter of the cable. The efficiency of a coaxial cable have always to consider these two factors.

The greater the length of the cable, the greater the signal loss. Greater will be the quality and the cable diameter and the smaller the losses.


Not all the cables, however, have the same function and perform in the same way. So, which is the solution to choose?

Elan offers different types of coaxial cables, with different maximum distances reachable. In the table below we try to clarify once and for all on the maximum distances to reach them, we can push our cables. Let’s see them in detail:

coaxial cables

Another factor that can influence the performance of a system is given by electromagnetic interference. In this case it is always preferable ELAN HD cables with a copper braid, which protect the dielectric with a sheet of aluminum (total shielding). The tinned copper braid provides protection of low frequency noise while the aluminum shields foil dielectric from the high-frequency noise.

We hope to have clarified one of the thorniest issues for many professionals, remember that for any doubt or problem, Elan provides designers and installers a service and personalized advice in order to choose the right cables in accordance with the plant accomplish.


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