Perimeter alarm cables: double jacket shielded PVC or LSZH cables

Among the most common of perimeter alarm systems there is the underground system basement which requires the use of alarm cables or double jacket shielded PVC or LSZH cables. There are different types of external perimeter alarms:

  • Perimeter Alarm – Microwave barrier
  • Perimeter Alarm – Self-supporting with Infrared Sensors
  • Perimeter Alarm – Fences
  • Perimeter Alarm – Underground Sensors


The perimeter Alarm with underground sensors is one of the most interesting because it can cover large areas in a confidential manner, invisible to the human eye. Furthermore, it appears to be very effective because it can distinguish the passage of persons or small animals accurately.


It’s important to remember that this kind of system requires an excavation of a depth ranging between 30 cm and 60 cm, depending from the specs. Inside the excavation you can pose pipes or conduits, sensors and alarm cables or other types of cables.

Let’s focus on the the most suitable for external perimetral system.

Double jacket alarm cable PVC or LSZH shielded cables


As for the external perimeter alarms, Elan recommend shielded cables. Infact they have the property to protect the same cable from external interference such as static electricity or the magnetic fields. A shielded cable allows to drain electromagnetic interferences, without compromising the efficiency of the cable.

Shielded alarm cables can be either PVC or LSZH. The polyvinyl chloride or PVC is the  most commonly used material for the insulation of security system cables. Characterized by versatility, the material can meet various requirements. Depending on the formulation of a PVC insulation cable it can normally be used at a temperature ranging from 70 ° C to 125 ° C. The PVC used by ELAN is free of additives containing heavy metals, phthalates with low molecular weight and hazardous materials as per REACH Regulation. A further guarantee for the consumer is that the ELAN alarm cable is absolutely DEHP FREE.

Elan shielded alarm PVC cable


The ELAN alarm PVC cables are flame retardant complying to CEI 20-22 III (IEC 60332). This ensures the self estinguishing in case of fire. Also the isolation of alarm cables complies with  CEI 36762; this regulate the coexistence of low voltage alarm cables with power cables. In fact, the ELAN alarm cables can be installed in conduits or cable ducts with 0.6 / 1 kV cables.

As for external perimeter alarm systems intended for installers and resellers, Elan has developed certain types of PVC cables.

Elan shielded alarm LSZH cable


Alternatively ELAN proposes LSZH jacket which is instead composed of thermoplastic or thermosetting polymers and halogen free and with very low smoke emissions in the event of exposure to heat sources (eg. Fires). The lack of halogen therefore avoids a dangerous combination of toxic gases in the event of flames. Thanks to their structural characteristics and tests exceeded, the cables marked C-4 (U0 = 400V) can be used in co-existence with power cables that have marked both 450 / 750V is 0.6 / 1Kv not complying to the CEI UNEL 36762 and can be installed in cable ducts and / or external channels.

They are available in two versions:

Installers and retailers who wish to receive more information about the different types of cables in relation to the different needs, can contact Elan.