The importance of batteries replacement for alarm system

Any alarm system for private use, and public or industrial, cable or radio, has batteries, whose charge is essential for the correct operation of the alarm system. For this reason it is good to know that you should periodically check the batteries and the correct operation of the system. To ensure your alarm system always functions, installers make a general check to alarm and  video surveillance system, including possible batteries replacement. Moreover modern alarm systems are normally equipped with warning light and / or acoustic fault, often linked to the control center. This allows technicians and installers to take prompt action to solve the problem.

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Beware of “do it yourself” in the battery replacement


It’s easy to find online videos and articles on “how to change the batteries of alarm system by yourself”. Beware of the “do it yourself”! Increasingly technologically sophisticated alarm systems invite the customers to be aware of some tricks in the battery replacement due to:

  • Possible damage of alarm system
  • Risk of injury from high voltage of control unit connections (220 volts)
  • Risk of reversing the connections and the polarities

So it is always important to consult installers and technicians.

Types and life of batteries used in the alarm systems


The alarms are normally equipped with the following batteries:

  • buffer battery for cable alarm systems
  • lithium batteries for wireless systems
  • Battery for the siren
  • batteries for sensors

  • Buffer battery for cable alarm systems

The buffer battery is that battery that allows the system to continue operation in case of power loss, overload or when general central switch is turned off. It is rechargeable 12 V battery with an average life from 3 to 5 years.

In relation to the power of the wired alarm system, Elan provides installers and retailers the following batteries:
Rechargeable batteries 12 v Standard (7 ha, 12 ha)
Rechargeable bacteria 12 v Long Life (9 ha, 12 ha)
The external siren is generally equipped with 12V 2AH battery.


BIGBAT batteries 6v, 12v

  • Lithium batteries for wireless alarm systems and sensors

In wireless alarm systems you must use lithium-ion batteries.
For this purpose Elan recommends the following batteries:
BIGBAT Lithium batteries 3 V and 3, 6 V

  • Lithium batteries for alarm siren

The sirens are essential for sending an acoustic and luminous alarm in case of intrusion and / or tampering with the system. To ensure that the siren is always working it is important that the batteries are fully charged.

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