ELAN twisted KNX/EIB cable

The KNX/EIB cable is a European installation fieldbus BUS cable suitable for use in KNX systems, formerly known as EIB, by KONNEX™. It forms part of ‘green’ building control systems and intelligent building technology, improving comfort levels whilst reducing carbon footprint and running costs. The applications include the operation and control of heating, lighting and air conditioning to respond to changing internal or external conditions.

The KNX/EIB cable works on the standardised OSI network communications protocol, succeeding EHS, BATIBUS and EIB. With its excellent electrical and shielded transmission performance, KNX EIB cables can be used for data transmission and to connect building technology systems, allowing the operation and control of lighting and climate control.

They can be deployed both in private houses and public places (where a Flame-Retardant, Non-Corrosive Low Smoke Zero Halogen (FRNC-LSZH) sheath is recommended). KNX/EIB protocol run perfectly on ELAN twisted cables because of its incredibly low capacitance.

The intelligent building control applications can deliver cost-savings and environmental offset for greener buildings.


KNX EIB cable construction

Conductor: Bare copper wire
Insulation: Polyethylene (PE)
Separator: Polyester tape (PET)
Shield   Aluminium / Polyester tape (Al/PET)
Drain wire and Tinned copper wire
Sheath Flame retardant – Halogen free compound (LSZH) or PVC

Cable is available in single pair, double pair (power + data), double pair (data + data) in green LSZH and white PVC:

Alarm cable TWISTED (BUS/RS485) PVC;

Alarm cable TWISTED (BUS/RS485) LSZH;

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