Deductions on alarm and video surveillance: security package on Stability Act 2016

New in the Stability Law 2016: born the “security package bonus” of 2.6 million Euros with the aim to promote public safety and prevent thefts in house, in a period when security is undoubtedly very sensitive.

Bonus Security 2016 provides a tax credit in favor of private citizens that will support expenses for home protection and safety by installing a video surveillance system and / or burglar alarm. The “security package” extends the tax bonus coverage for the building renovations for 50% deduction, extended throughout 2016.

Security Bonus


How does the tax credit work?

Private citizens under IRPEF who will have expenses for the safety of their own home in 2016 (until December 31) will receive a credit (equal to 50% of expenditure in video surveillance systems and alarm) that will be deductible on tax return. The bonus will be added to 730 inside the framework G or in the Unique Model in the RU framework.

What expenses are deductible with the Bonus Security 2016?

  • Expenses for materials such as cameras, coaxial cables, HD connectors for HD-SDI signals, alarm system, alarm cables for security systems;
  • Expenses for the design and for the professional services;
  • Costs of compliance report of the work with the current laws;
  • Expenditure Value Added Tax (VAT rate to 10% for maintenance, ordinary and extraordinary of a predominantly private-residential buildings)

All individuals who install security systems and / or will buy coaxial cables for video surveillance cameras and alarm cables for anti-theft systems with ELAN can get Bonus Security 2016, and so this could be deducted in the tax return.

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