How to store unused batteries

It is essential that distributors and installers know how to store unused batteries. There are few and simple things to do:

  1. Storing the batteries in the original packaging. This allows you to protect the batteries from external environmental factors and keep the terminals away from other metals.
  2. Storing the batteries in dry and cool places. Keep the batteries at a temperature of 15 ° C and avoid moisture or extreme temperatures.
  3. Store the batteries inside special packs so that the positive and negative terminals are distant from each other. The closeness between the terminals can in fact lead to the batteries being discharged gradually.
  4. Avoid storing new batteries together with used batteries. In fact, they can transmit electricity and download new ones.
  5. Leave the plastic caps on the batteries (if equipped). The plugs in fact prevent the terminals from touching and then discharge the batteries.

These rules apply to both lithium batteries and lead batteries.

Advantages in storing the batteries properly

Keeping the batteries in the right way gives you the benefits:

  • Extend their lifespan
  • Prevent them from becoming a security hazard
  • Find it easily when you need it
  • Use them over time based on the expiration date (or purchase date)

Elan provides installers and distributors who buy the BIG BAT batteries with instructions on how to store batteries and how to last longer.


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