Coaxial cables and connectors for HD-SDI signals: Rakson’s case

As part of the implementation of CCTV systems, we can say that a good system is as important as the use of high quality coaxial cables equipped with HD specific connectors. Never use standard or general connectors because it could affect the transmission quality. This is what happened to a fitter, customer Rakson, a Elan dealer of video surveillance and alarm systems operating in Greece.

The installer has created a 9-SDI camcorders home system. One of these cameras, connected by ELAN coaxial cable MICROCOAX HD (cod. 083051) of 40 meters , showed a video loss every minute. Looking for a quick fix and “do it yourself”, the installer has decided to change cable, and install the camera with a coaxial cable Elan MINI COAX HD (cod. 083591). The problem persisted, this time every hour. We made a test with another video recorder SDI, believing it could be the cause of the disorder. However, the replacement of SDI DVR has not solved the problem.

cavi coassiali e connettori Elan

As there was no solution to the problem, the installer has contacted Rakson, which called Elan for support. Elan has promptly responded to the customer Rakson. After verifying the correctness of microcoax HD cable in relation to the distance, Elan has identified the problem. In fact the customer was using an Elan cable with a general connector. The microcoax HD Elan cable infact must be matched to its natural connector, which is the golden Elan connector (cod. 408060).

Discovered the problem and ELAN sent the connectors, so that they could resolve the problem and the video signal was restored to perfection.
The case highlights:
• For each cable there is specific connector
• Elan responds in a short time and supports retailers and installers efficiently