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When and why to replace Lead-Acid Batteries?

We have already seen on this blog, how important is ordinary and extraordinary maintenance for alarm systems and video surveillance. In this regard, it has also placed the focus on the control of one of the fundamental elements for the functioning of these systems: lead-acid batteries.
Today we want to focus on cases that necessitate lead-acid batteries replacement.

In general, when the alarm control panel shows the presence of a fault / malfunction to the battery, the cause can usually be due to three factors:

  1. Low battery: the battery has finished its useful life and must be replaced;
  2. Damaged Battery: the battery swells and / or warm. Generally, this may be due to a problem of battery manufacture or to a battery charger malfunction due to a higher amperage or a higher voltage during charging. Even in this case, the batteries need to be changed, but not before making sure that the battery charger delivers the right power.
  3. Broken Battery charger: the battery is no longer charged and has been discharged completely.

You should remember that the lead-acid batteries should never be discharged completely to 100% and should never be kept unloaded for a too long period. The risk incurred is in fact that they can no longer reload and make them functional again.

Batterie al piombo - Quando sostituirle

These reasons force installers to periodically replace the batteries of the alarm systems. As already mentioned several times only the maintenance and control of these prevents damage or system malfunction.

ELAN and BIG BAT batteries


As you can see from the picture, ELAN periodically checks the batteries of our security system. Each lead-acid battery has in fact its own code, from which it is possible to trace the date of manufacture and the specific lot.

Elan makes different types of batteries to be available to installers and retailers (rechargeable and compatible lead-acid batteries with all alarm systems):


BIG BAT Lead Batteries

Our sales department is available daily from 8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. for installers who require assistance for their BIG BAT batteries.



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