Wired or wireless alarm and video surveillance system. Which one to choose?

In the installation of an alarm system, the choice of type of technology has to be adopted is undoubtedly the most important. To eliminate any doubt, we can say that there is not absolutely a better technology than the other. The alarm system must be efficient and installed in an appropriate manner, whatever the choice between wireless or cable.

Choose from a burglar alarm system cable and a wireless system means, in fact, analyze the pros and cons of both solutions and evaluate what suits your needs.

Alarm system and video surveillance via cable

With an anti-theft cable system, which uses rechargeable batteries quality, the substitution of the same will occur only after several years. The maintenance costs of a cable alarm system also, are decidedly lower than those of a wireless system.

In contrast the system installation with cables can create problems under construction. While the installation in warehouses, prefabricated or premises of new construction does not involve particular difficulties, the channeling of a cable anti-theft system inside homes can be a particular limit from an aesthetic point of view.


Wireless alarm system and video surveillance

As for the wireless security system often powered by lithium batteries. This alarm system requires fast installations, not very complex and without any particular “upheavals” aesthetic. The device also may be where you want, not having alarm cables have to be placed.

The main disadvantage of wireless, however, is the higher cost both system maintenance; some types of devices, moreover, consuming too much can not yet be used.

Summing up, the choice between the two types of anti-theft systems must be evaluated case by case. If the channeling for the cables is already present or can be built in a short time (considering also wiring and testing), the convenience to choose a cable system alarm is certainly greater. If instead we are forced to make structural modifications to the building (eg. Breaking a wall, maintaining an external duct inside an apartment, …) then probably the choice of wireless will be the most correct. Nothing prevents the installation of a mixed system, which guarantees to arrive via radio where you can not get with cable.


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Materials for alarm systems and video surveillance

Any technology you adopt, ELAN offers installers and resellers ideal products for any anti-theft system.