What about the new CPR UE 305/11 – EN 50575 for alarm cables and security cables

Big news in July in the market of alarm cables and security cables. After July 1st, 2017, all products placed on the market will have to comply with EN 50575.
But let’s go into detail and find out what the norms are about.
The CPR’s objective is to ensure the free movement of construction products within the EU by adopting a harmonized technical language that defines the performance and characteristics of the products.

Of course, the construction materials also include electrical cables for power, control and telecommunication of any voltage and type of conductor. In this specific case, the goal is to limit generation, and propagation of fire its and smoke emissions, assessing their reaction and their behavior in the event of a fire.

The declaration of performance (D.O.P.)

As the alarm cables, data cables, and any other type of cable have to comply with CPR, they must have a D.O.P. (Declaration of performance) produced by the manufacturer. To output the D.O.P. the manufacturer must ensure that the products meet the requirements for CE marking.

The D.O.P. must accompany each cable placed on the market up to the end user, who will have to present it to the competent authorities, if it is necessary.

Fire-resistant cables are excluded at the moment.

How to recognize a cable complying with CPR

In addition to D.O.P., cables complying with CPR may be recognized by their marking or labeling. The information required for marking is (EN 50575 art.7):

– Manufacturer’s name or trademark;

– Description of the product or code;

– Fire reaction class.

Marking may be either on the cable, on the packaging, on its labeling or on a combination of the above.

Fire reaction classes are as follows:

The responsability of the single Member State is to define the appropriate fire reaction classes, for their type of installation. Fire reaction classes should be chosen from those defined in EN 13501-6.
ELAN, leader in the production of alarm cables, data cables, coaxial cables and fire resistant cables, will respond to CPR requirements from 1 July. The relative DOP of all cables ready in stock are available on Elan’s website .

For more information on the new legislation contact us directly, our technical office will be able to answer the details and developments of the new regulation.