Reaction of fire cable Elanfire to the flame

In the past we have dealt with different aspects of the main causes of a fire and the consequences that may result from this phenomenon. We refer to fire of Dubai, Fiumicino Airport and Bucharest nightclub. The impact of the fire and the flow rate, however, depend in almost all cases by what happens in subsequent instants at its outbreak.

The way it will be handled the flames in minutes following fact, guarantee or not the safety of people and goods in the fire scene. It’s for this reason that it becomes vital being able to earn only a few minutes (sometimes seconds) to allow rescuers to intervene in time.

The cable that is used in fire fighting plays a key role. This fire-resistant cable must delay the flame and resist as long as possible to the fire, and then continue to ensure the functioning of the system.

In the video below we want to compare the reaction to the flame of a normal fire and that of XLPE cable Anime ELANFIRE fire resistant cable.


Fire cable Elanfire

What you see from the pictures is how the fire Cable ELAN delays the flame sharply, despite repeated attempts to do so inflame. The cable retrieved in commerce, on the contrary, takes fire almost immediately and continues to burn even in the absence of flame.

The cable ELANFIRE, in addition to being flame retardant, is a halogen free cable and with a low reduction of smoke and toxic gases. The test demonstrates how a simple cable can substantially influence the effect of a fire. The choice of this component from distributors and installers must be done in a conscious way, always putting safety first.

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