EVAC cable in sound evacuation systems

In the vast sphere of Security and fire prevention within the design and implementation of sound evacuation systems. This type of technology offers multiple communication possibilities that can provide relevant information in the event of an emergency. The sound quality of a speaker's loudspeaker can be decisive in ensuring a good level of intelligibility. [...]

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Fire Prevention Forum 2017

The long-awaited appointment of the 2017 Fire Prevention Forum returns from September 20 to September 21. ELAN will participate with its own stand and a seminar. The conference is part of the great event SAFETY EXPO 2017 that combines Conferences, Training, Exercises, Insights, Workshops, Performance, Exposure to Safety. On eight thousand sq. Ft., The [...]

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Elan goes on holidays: we are coming back soon

Elan cables and BIGBAT batteries go on holidays. The company will be closed from 10 to 20 August.   If you want to receive cables and batteries before holidays, we inform you that the last useful dates for shipping the goods are August 7th and 9th. So, hurry to apply for your goods, avoid [...]

CPR: The Advantages and Obligations of the New Cable Regulation – Part Two

We have already had to focus on the new CPR legislation that came into force on 1 July and concerns all construction materials within the EU. All alarm cables, safety cables, data cables, signal cables, and coaxial cables are included in this new regulation. Fire alarm cables, however, are temporarily excluded.   In a [...]

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New packaging for BIGBAT Lead Rechargeable Batteries

After several months of waiting, the BIGBAT brand changes skin and launches the new packaging of lead-rechargeable batteries. Just like the lithium batteries launched in 2015, new lead-acid batteries packaging reflect a simple and effective graphics, in line with the entire range of ELAN products. The objective of this operation is to standardize the [...]

What about the new CPR UE 305/11 – EN 50575 for alarm cables and security cables

Big news in July in the market of alarm cables and security cables. After July 1st, 2017, all products placed on the market will have to comply with EN 50575. But let's go into detail and find out what the norms are about. The CPR's objective is to ensure the free movement of construction [...]

Guidelines on video surveillance and privacy

When a video surveillance system is installed it is important to pay attention to what the law says about privacy. The Guarantor for Privacy issued a decision dated April 8, 2010, which sets out the guidelines on video surveillance systems by referring to the Privacy Code (D.Lgs. 196/2003). According to Italian law, it is [...]

The relationship between designer, installer and Elan’s role

In the development of an alarm or video surveillance system, two key figures have the task to complete the work: designer and installer. Between these two actors, it is necessary to establish a relationship of trust and mutual cooperation. Although there are, as natural, different approaches to work (on the one hand, a more [...]

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How to store unused batteries

It is essential that distributors and installers know how to store unused batteries. There are few and simple things to do: Storing the batteries in the original packaging. This allows you to protect the batteries from external environmental factors and keep the terminals away from other metals. Storing the batteries in dry and cool [...]

Fire at Parco Stella between short circuit and fire alarm

The investigations are currently ongoing on alarm and fire system and the causes of the fire at Parco Stella Shopping Center. At the moment the damage is estimated around 100 million euro and more than 50 people have lost their jobs due to the devastation of Unieuro Eurobrico and shops. At the beginning, the arson [...]