Cables for alarm systems and fire cables: production and value chain

For over 20 years Elan manufactures cables for alarm systems, fire cables, CCTV and data network, for the Italian and foreign market. Elan has always been at the forefront in the process of producing high quality cables with technical, method and maximum customization. This has brought about a transformation in the company over the years in the production cycle which becomes effectively a value chain. Indeed Elan has implemented a flexible production structure, which turns its attention to the processing of high-tech products, thus satisfying the different fields of application.


Cables and production cycle

From material selection up to testing, Elan coordinates and internally manages the entire cycle of production under strict quality control in accordance with the CEI, Italian and international law.

The Elan production follows a short production cycle, and makes use of modern equipment, controls on production lines in its processing steps:

  • Stranding
  • Insulation
  • Laying up
  • Shields
  • Final covering
  • Packing

Upstream of the production Elan cycle makes planning and design of customized cables in its own R & D department. Within the same department they are performed then testing and testing. A complete laboratory tools and equipment allow you to make all the necessary electrical mechanical tests and fire resistance tests to ensure consistency with the respect of the declared parameters and rules in force.

The packaging is made of coils, coils, and boxes and varies according to the type of the cable and to the quantity.

The warehouse which houses the cable stocks makes use of an advanced system of integrated management of orders. This system ensures the immediate availability of both small quantities both of large quantities of cables, and then a delivery in short times.

Cables and Elan value chain


The experience, the ability to innovate have enabled Elan to switch from the production cycle to the creation of the value chain through an organized management and ongoing research. The goal is a product of the highest quality standards.

The purpose of this step is the dealer and installer customer satisfaction which is achieved through a coordinated management with the production and some important results and benefits:

  • Wide range of cables (cables for alarm systems, fire cables, CCTV coaxial cables, LAN cables);
  • Continuous availability of products in stock for both small and large quantities;
  • Cables according to CEI;
  • Delivery within 24/48 hours in Italy (from a week to abroad);
  • Custom cable and tailored according to the needs (for large quantities);
  • Availability of reels, coils and boxes;
  • Wide network of distributors;
  • Assistance and continuous support (8: 00 a.m.-6: 00 p.m.)