BIGBAT, extraordinary batteries

Bigbat is the famous brand of rechargeable lead batteries (VRLA) that ELAN produces and distributes all around the world. The production for installers and retailers in the industry offers essentially two main types of batteries:  BIGBAT Standard and BIGBAT Long Life.

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BIGBAT Standard and BIGBAT Long Life find application in the field of safety and in particular for emergency lighting, UPS (UPS), alarm panels, back-up generators for telecommunications systems, lawns and garden tools, start-up and accumulation of energy engines.

The lead BIGBAT comply with all relevant international standards, all the IEC60896-21 / 22 and BS6290-4 for Long Life series. Such batteries can be mounted in any position, they have a low self-discharge and do not require any maintenance.

In November 2015 ELAN launched non-rechargeable lithium batteries from 3V to 3.6V. In this way ELAN expands the range of products available to installers and resellers.

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The BIGBAT lithium batteries are distinguished by ease of use, low self-discharge and of course proven quality and reliability that ELAN has always brought into the international market.

The main fields of application of these batteries are the security systems, sensors, remote controls, calculators, cameras and cameras, low-power wireless appliances, for both digital and analog electronic watches, the back-up memory on all types of terminals, the emergency signal light, the electric locks and electronic measuring devices.

BIG BAT Lithium batteries have two different voltages: 3 V and 3.6 V. The V 3 is distributed in patterns ½AA CR14250, CR17335 123AA and two button cell models, CR2025 and CR2032. The 3.6 V is marketed by the company in the models ½AA ER14250, ER14505 AA, ER17505 A, C ER26500, ER34615 D.

All lithium batteries marketed by ELAN are stable and reliable and able to operate at a temperature ranging between -55 ° C and + 85 ° C.

Nonetheless lithium batteries are considered “dangerous goods” and are indeed submitted to strict transport regulations. ELAN is one of the few Italian companies that can ensure the storage, transport and delivery in 24/48 hours (from 1 week out of Italy) in total safety and efficiency. Punctuality and availability are the true strength of the ELAN.