All about CEI UNI 36762

Today we want to do some ‘clarity on the CEI UNI 36762 regulations governing the old category 0 (low voltage cables) with category 1 (power cables). This legislation sheds light on the insulation characteristics that must be respected, so that the signal cables and power cables can be laid in the same channel.


This legislation already enacted by some years has undoubtedly brought some interesting news for installers, retailers, designers and all the professionals who are dealing daily with the security issue related to the electric cables.

The rule is clear. If the signal cable has a minimum thickness of 0.5 mm and ensures isolation> = 2 KV a.c. for at least five minutes, the same can be laid together with an electric conductor with a nominal voltage <= 400 V a.c. (Uo), without special precautions.

In other words the UNEL IEC 36762 states that it is no longer necessary to identify the isolation resorting to old GR.2 acronyms (250V), GR3 (450V) and GR4 (750V) but you simply need to verify that this is or not in conformity with the specific standard regulation.

All ELAN cables, power cables, LAN cables, fire and burglar alarm cables respect fully the UNI CEI 36762 and for several years are therefore marked with the C-4 mark (U0 = 400V).

An extract of the legislation is available in our “Downloads” section, in which you can find the main regulations and other useful tools.